How Tovera Works

(The nerdy stuff)

  • 1. Asset Upload

    During asset upload Tovera generates a unique identifier for the asset. This identifier is anonymous and can't be used to identify you, your account, or any of your other assets.

  • 2. Signing and Fingerprinting

    Tovera stores the anonymous, unique identifier in the asset metadata (XMP) and then generates a cryptographic checksum of the entire asset.

  • 3. Storing

    Tovera saves the unique asset identifier and cryptographic checksum of the asset to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

  • 4. Blockchain

    Tovera uses smart contracts and blockchain technology to add the IPFS URL to a public blockchain network. At this point not even we can manipulate the verification record - no one can.

  • 5. Consumption, Verification, and Notification

    When a Tovera asset is viewed online our client dynamically fetches the stored cryptographic checksum of the asset and compares it to the asset being displayed to the viewer. If even a single bit has changed the cryptographic checksums won't match. Now we know the asset has been modified and the viewer is warned.

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