Answers to our most commonly asked questions

  • Why do you need my date of birth to signup?

    For compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act we are required to verify the age of our users. Paying a bunch of fines would really distract us from the important work we're doing!

  • Aren't blockchains publicly viewable? Does this mean all of my information can be seen by anyone?

    When your asset verification record is added to blockchain we only include the unique identifier and checksum. This allows independent verification of your asset while respecting your privacy - this data can't be associated with you or your account.

  • You save the unique ID in the asset metadata - isn't this stripped out by media hosting services?

    You're right! Asset metadata is removed by hosting services to protect things like embedded GPS coordinates, etc from violating your privacy. In fact, Tovera strips this information from your uploads too. We add our unique ID after this step to make sure it persists on our platform. Outside of our platform, our unique sharing service uses embeds and other cool tech to make sure that when you share your assets with your viewers on social media platforms or websites our unique ID stays with the asset and can be verified. Eventually we hope to partner with many well known media hosting services to address this issue directly.

  • What if I need to update or make changes to my existing assets?

    Currently you need to upload a new asset. We are investigating broader fingerprinting technologies such as Perceptual Hashing to not only detect these changes and update your links automatically but also better detect variations and unauthorized copies of your work.

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