Own, protect, and trackyour media assets.

Tovera protects your likeness and reputation while giving you complete control over your digital media assets.

Signed, verified, and delivered.

Take back control of your online presence. With Tovera Assure your digital media is protected against tampering and misrepresentation.

Tovera Assure signs your media assets with a digital fingerprint that is tamperproof.

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Free to use under the Unsplash License.

Signed and Verified By

Validated on the blockchain.

Secure your assets forever with the blockchain.

Tovera Validate provides an extra layer of protection and transparency by adding a verification record for your asset to a public blockchain - while protecting your privacy.

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Be seen. Be heard.

Update asset metadata, licenses, links and more across all platforms and devices from one place.

Tovera Publish turns every asset into an easy to share link with tools to brand and promote your latest content. Changes made are updated everywhere - instantly.

Gain total control.

Manage who can publish assets and follow the trail of edits.

Tovera Artifact gives you control over when, where, and how assets are published with your brand. Even your own team members require your authorization to publish media - everywhere.

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Asset History

Use Cases

Tovera works for any industry that relies on trusted media assets.

Law Enforcement

Protect bodycam and interrogation video footage from tampering.

Media Organizations

Provide transparency about media assets and prevent disinformation.

Social Media

Verify the images and videos you share are authentic.


Control your campaign media assets and shape your own narrative.


Protect against insurance fraud caused by manipulated images and videos.

Government Agencies

Control how your media assets are being used and shared.


Promote your content across platforms with an embeddable link.


Prevent media asset fraud caused by manipulated images and videos.

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